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Employee Updates - Employee Return To Work

April 26, 2020

Dear Dynasty Colleague,

Please click on the link to watch the attached video about safety protocols for return to work.

Thank you

Dynasty Return to Work - Safety Video


April 23, 2020

Dear Dynasty Colleague,
We hope that you & your families are all well and staying safe. We are pleased to announce that we are requiring employees to come back to work starting the week of Monday April 27, 2020. We are also pleased to inform you that the Canadian Wage Subsidy Program has been approved by Parliament.
Please note, Dynasty is formally advising employees to physically attend work and your Leadhand will be or has been in touch with you directly via phone to advise you of your specific return to work date.

Please note that the hours scheduled may vary based on department, job function and company’s requirements.

In order to safely and effectively return to work, you MUST be WELL to physically return to work. We would like to see everyone back BUT we can only allow people who are healthy to come back to work. Please come back to work and only if you are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or feeling ill, have not been in touch with anyone infected with COVID-19, have not travelled or returned outside of Canada in the past 30 days, have not been advised to self-isolate or self-quarantine. It is imperative that you are healthy to come back to work. Anyone sick or falls into the categories above must stay home and apply for EI sickness benefit through Service Canada. If you come to work sick, we will send you home and this is for the safety of all. If you are not well and cannot report to work on Monday, please contact your Leadhand or Dynasty office at 403-279-1626 to discuss further or email: email@dynastyf.com.

  1. In order to keep everyone safe, please carefully NOTE the following:
  • Physical distancing practices will be strongly upheld requiring 2 meters or 6 feet between each person at all times. This means keeping at least 2 meter or 6 feet spacing from others. Please ensure these practices are being followed. This will be strongly enforced.
  • We will be providing each employee one re-usable, washable face mask. It is mandatory that all employees MUST wear their mask while at work. Please keep them with you.
  • We will be asking employees to wash hands continually throughout the day & use hand sanitizer provided if you are not able to wash hands. Please avoid touching your face.
  • We will be staggering breaks to reduce the number of people on break at the same time.
  • When in any space; work areas, lunchrooms, at punch clocks etc, you MUST have 2 meters or 6 feet between all people at all times. Please spread out.
  • No more than two people at a time permitted in the washrooms
  • Practice proper coughing and sneezing etiquette; cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow.
  • We will be continuing with increased sanitation and disinfecting in all areas.
  • Please bring your own filled water bottle from home and extra water if needed. Water fountains will be not be functioning.

For further information on measures to Prevent the Spread please go to Alberta.ca

  1. Please note this is the current plan and is subject to change if other government mandates or restrictions are issued and based on business conditions. Please also note that the hours scheduled will vary based on department, job function and company’s requirements.


  1. The Wage Subsidy program has been approved by the Canadian Parliament and it will be effective from April 13th for all employees who qualified and accepted the recall.  As per the rules approved by the government, any employee who has been recalled but has not been asked to come to work on any day will be paid 75% of their average pre-crisis bi-weekly pay period earnings.   Any days worked will be paid as per the normal wage rate. Dynasty will therefore calculate your wages for the pay period April 13th to 24th in accordance with the rules of the Wage Subsidy program. The earnings less required statutory deductions and group deductions if applicable will be deposited into your bank accounts via direct deposit on May 4th, 2020.



If you have any questions, please contact your Leadhand or Dynasty office at 403-279-1626 to discuss.
Please continue to check your emails and this link for updates. http://dynastyf.com/employee
Thanks, and stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone back to work next week,
Dynasty Administration